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Welcome! We're so glad you found us.  Here is the place where you will see all of our latest work with our amazing couples and families. For all you Brides, Grooms, Moms and Dads to Be: Congratulations! We can't wait to meet you.

Attention Brides: Check our Blog often because Jessica Elizabeth Photography is planning on teaming up with our favorite wedding vendors and giving you some insight into hiring the rest of your wedding team.  We may also write about wedding planning tips, so keep an eye out.  Don't worry groomies- you are invited too.  Surely your brides will love an extra hand!

We LOVE what we're doing. If we had to choose between a camera or a trip to Hawaii, we'd take the camera! (Oh wait- we did.)  Photography Rox! But sometimes we need to feed our egos and know that there are other people who appreciate our art. So if you love what we do... show it! Help support Jessica Elizabeth Photography by joining Facebook Weddings or linking to our website on your website! =)

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Thank you, thank you, thank you! To every person we spoke to and came to our call, we appreciate your efforts!


We want to acknowledge everyone that came to help us:



The  Staff, Faculty, Administration, and Students of CSU Fullerton.

      You Titans know how to support each other!

The  Staff, Faculty, Administration, and Students of Chapman 

Staff and Admin at Presbyterian Intercommunity Hospital

 Staff and Admin at St Josephs Medical Center

 Staff, Admin, and Patients at T Medical Center

      (I hope no one died while you were voting. LOL  just a joke)


Employees and Shoppers of Brea Mall

Employees and Shoppers of Cerritos Mall

Our friends and family


the [B] School

Our loyal readers

our client friends


Last but not certainly not least, our facebook and twitter friends.


Special mention: Thank you Mike, you were awesome! Your skills and tact are going to take you places! You are a great leader and entrepreneur, I'm honored to be your friend.

Kevin - Couldn't have done it without you!

Megan and Natalie, - Thank you! You guys had the hardest jobs of all! We appreciate all the running you did.


Special shoutouts: Mom, Dad, Victor, Frances, Heather, Owen, Shirley, Leilani, Vanessa, Dom, Kerry, Peyton, Mark, Jeff, Laura, Patty, Rebecca, Kevin, Sandy, Cassandra, Pat, Vennita,  Catherine, Cathy, Dana, Stephanie, Susan, Penny, Thao, Stefanie, Barbara, Shirley, Catherine, Dana, Matt, (SWOT!!!), Claudine, Jimmy, Robin, Norma, Leticia... omg the list could go on forever. I will personally thank you if I see you around!



Robert and Jessica

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